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Smart City Street Parking Solution.

System Artificial Intelligence (AI) for City Smart Parking 

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What Is Digital Parking Solution?

In a first step, it is about collecting data on your parking space: real-time information on available parking spots, automatic detection of vehicles overstaying or violating parking rules. This data can directly be used to guide drivers to available spots or send parking officers straight to the offending vehicle, allowing them to efficiently enforce rules.

Obtaining parking data opens up innovative data-driven solutions, such as integrated payment and booking – without the need of tremendous infrastructure on site, such as barriers, fences, ticket vending machines, etc. But that is not all.

The raw data collected over time offers the potential of gaining valuable insight into how the parking space is used which can be used as a decision-making tool. To achieve this, the data is aggregated and analyzed to provide understanding of usage patterns, e.g. over time or spatially.

You can only make smart decisions if you have the right information in hand.



Camera Solution
Camera: Solar-Powered Security Camera Setup perfectly suits areas where you need robust performance but power supplies and Ethernet cables cannot reach.
Software Solution
Software: Cloud platform (web based) AI based parking detection / guidance technology Support mobile apps (integration through APIs) On-premise model (optional)

Artificial intelligence

Usage of Technology AI for Smart Parking

Camera AI for Parking - 99% accurate and verifiable image / object



Benefits of using Parking Management System

 Real-time Information :


Smart parking has multiple benefits

City officers and parking professionals love the wealth of interesting, applicable data they receive from smart parking systems. It’s not just trendy, it’s an effective solution to your parking issues. For example, with digital parking solution you can:



AI Smart Parking

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Open Space Parking


1. Search & Display

Search & display where you want to park.

2. Display & Guidance

Display guidance and show route to the car park

3. Make Payment

Select and make payment available parking spot

4. Display Location

Display location and duration of selected parking spot